For every day you learn with us the aim is to complete 2 full looks, however depending on your speed and the intricacy of the look, some technical looks may take all day. so If you choose to complete 1 days training with us you will achieve 2 full looks or 1 intricate technical look. You artist will inform you as to whether you will be able to achieve 1 or 2 looks within a day. You will also receive a full product list of all the products you have used within your training session, Plus a P.Louise certificate of completion.

This course is created to cater for each and every skill level, our artists will mould themselves around your level of skill, whether you are a beginner and have never picked up a brush or you are more advanced and want to brush up and hone in on your skills.

The choice is down to you, you pick what you learn, you can either bring in an exact image of the types of looks you want to learn or our artists can design a look for you based on your experience and the knowledge you want to gain from the course.

We run this course every day Monday to Friday 9am-4pm, call us up with a date in mind and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Simply purchase the course online selecting how many days you would like to do, then call the academy within 1 week to book your session on 0161 653 2658 *please note this course does not run on weekends.