By signing up to P.Louise Pro and completing at least one payment you understand and agree to the following:

No Refunds will be offered under any circumstances.

If you pay in full your kit will be dispatched from P.Louise up to 1 month after your course start date.

Course Starts 5rh January, 2024.

Before your kit can be posted out, all payments must be made in full totalling £500, therefore if you have opted for a payment plan you won’t receive your kit until all payments have been made, the kit can take up to one month after kit payment to be dispatched

A full list of the kit can be found therefore you are agreeing that you're happy with the contents of the kit and understand that none of the items are refundable or exchangeable.

If you opt to do a payment plan you are signing up to complete the course in full and make all payments in full. A payment plan is to simply split the cost. The course is not pay as you go and therefore not a subscription where you can opt in and out of payments.

You will be expected to pay for your postage of your kit separately. The will depend on your location of delivery.

If you are to miss a payment; you are to miss out on online training, the release of your kit and your in house visits.

The kit includes P.Louise products only and has a worth of over £1400.

Discount codes are not eligible on this course and therefore if the code is accepted you will still be expected to pay the full £500 before receiving your kit.

You must select 4 of either the academy visits or the online zoom lessons.

Dates for academy visits are booked on a first come first serve basis, if you do not see dates avaliable for the full year in which you have signed up for, new dates will be added.

Attending the academy is done so at your discretion, you do not have to attend all 4 sessions either in house or online, it is your responsibility to book these in before the time lapse as no other additional days will be added.

If you miss a session or do not attend for any reason you will lose this session, it is your responsibility to attend, your dates can not be transferred, reimbursed or re booked.

Once you have booked your sessions these are not changeable.

If you require a paid model you must give us at least 24 hours notice by contacting us via telephone on 0161 459 7420 (please note the academy is closed on a weekend so we are not able to take calls)

If you require a paid model we can not guarantee your model will be a regular P.Louise model, the models will be distributed out at our discretion.

If you require a paid model, these will be provided at a first come first serve bases, we can never 100% guarantee a model is able to be provided however we will do our upmost to provide you with one.

If you require a paid model, this must be paid when making the booking over the phone.

The price for a full day model is £50.

Paige may not be able to voice all content, if this is not possible the academy manager or senior artist will voice the footage.

It is at our discretion that if we see fit to cancel a students access to the course.

You can opt to upgrade your course package to gain a qualification, however the qualification is ONLY recognised in the UK, and you MUST attend the academy in person to gain this qualification.

If you choose to upgrade this will be an addition cost of £100 and again can not be discounted, you will pay £75 directly to us then £25 directly to the beauty guild.

You will receive a P.Louise certificate, this will be downloadable and added to your account.