Hi my babes,

Due to the circumstances regarding Brexit, some countries and regions may incur customs charges.
Unfortunately this is extremely out of our control and we as a brand do not hold any liability in paying customs fees.
Before placing an order, if you have any questions regarding customs please contact your local customs office for fees and rates.


Yes, you will receive a downloadable P.Louise certificate that is added to your P.Louise account on completion of the course.

It is completely up to you if you would like to re-create on a model or if you would like to do this on yourself, we would suggest that if you are wanting to learn how to do makeup on clients, it would be better to practice on a model or a client. For the live sessions, you can either do the makeup along with the artist at the same time or you can simply watch, take notes and ask questions.

Yes, this course is for absolutely anyone no matter where you live, as long as you have internet access you can join the course.

The lives sessions will take place once a month, the date these will take place on will be added to your Out Of Hours monthly web page, the live sessions are also recorded so you can watch the lives back later in case you’re unable to make them. This recorded footage will be added to your account up to 7 working days later.

The live session will take place 1 sunday every month via a zoom link, the zoom link will be sent out to you via email at 10.10am uk time and the live will commence at 10:30am uk time. (do be aware technical issues may mean the live may start later than planned)

This course can be purchased at any time but the course will commence on Monday 6th June and the footage will be added to your account monthly at 10pm UK time. If you purchase the course after this start date, any months that have already taken place will be automatically added to your account and any live footage you have missed will also be available from your account to catch up on.

If you pay in full you will get access to the course content monthly. If you choose the £20 a month payment plan you will only gain access to the footage you have paid for. 1 payment of £20 = 1 months access. *this course is not pay as you go, if you purchase the payment plan you are agreeing to complete all payments in full, this is a payment plan not a subscription. This course is non refundable and non transferable.

The footage will stay on your account for 1 year and 3 months from either the 6th june or the date you purchased if this is after the 6th june.